Pelecanus Erythrorhynchos

When I first saw this huge bird floating on our local neighborhood pond, I thought it was fake. Then it moved. I learned that the American White Pelican is a large aquatic bird that spends winter along the coasts and breeds inland. I hope this beautiful bird builds a nest and stays in the neighborhood for a while. I might be able to get a better photo to post.




The calmness of those observing, juxtaposed with, those adventurous spirits that were preparing for the challenge of skiing the Mer de Glacé with their last minute adjustments, safety checks, wide eyes as they took deep breaths and passed out high fives and went through the gates to begin hiking a snowy spine of a lifetime.

And to them I say, Bon Voyage!


Keep trying

Up here in the High Sierras Spring is just beginning …
One of my favorite quotes describes this beautifully to me:
“En lo más puro del invierno por fin descubrí que habia en mi un invincible verano” – Albert Camus

In the purest point of Winter I found that I had in me an invincible Summer.

I imagine this is how Springtime is feeling right about now … This photo reminds me of that feeling.